Omaha Wins 2013 Season Opener

Posted by on February 17, 2013

Photo Credit: Shawn Flanagan Photography


The Omaha Rollergirls kicked off their season last Saturday, February 9th at The Ralston Arena. Over 3,000 fans were in attendance for the season opener against Springfield Roller Girls (Missouri). Both Omaha AAA and Omaha All Star teams started their season with a victory over Springfield.


The Omaha AAA vs. Springfield Battle Broads bout started off with a tremendous power jam by Omaha’s Midlife Crashes, totaling 25 points. The momentum continued with eblastagirl skating a 14 point jam, and Bohemian Brusin’ BombshElle scoring 13 points soon after. Omaha AAA didn’t let up through the second half, and finished the game with a winning score of 179-50.


Springfield Roller Girls took the Omaha All Stars by surprise during the first few jams of the bout. In the first 10 minutes, Springfield had pulled the score ahead 53-3. Omaha quickly regained their composure and held Springfield’s jammer back for a 29 point grand slam by Omaha’s Ima Firestarter. The first half of the game was closed out by an Omaha power jam with Mae Kit Rain scoring an additional 20 points, and Omaha taking the lead 106-99. During the second half, the Omaha All Stars continued to run away with the score, finalizing their victory at 259-161.


On March 9th The Omaha Rollergirls travel to Lincoln, NE for a double header vs. No Coast Derby Girls at The Pershing Center. In the 2012 Season Omaha Rollergirls and No Coast Derby Girls were 1-1. For more information, visit

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