Want to be a part of Omaha Roller Derby?

Any person identifying as female, male, or gender-expansive and is 18 or older can try out to be a skater. We recruit individuals of all backgrounds. You don’t have to be a speed skater or even an awesome skater. Our ongoing basic training program will teach you what you will need to know about skating, falling, and playing roller derby. Being a part of Omaha Roller Derby requires dedication, hard work, and a good attitude!

Join us for Basic Training

Send an email at for details about how to join!

Facebook Group: ORD Basic Training, New Recruits, Transfer Skaters

Check out the Basic Training page to learn more!

If I make it through Basic Training, what can I expect?

1. Pay monthly dues of $50 and an annual insurance fee of $75
2. Attend at least 2 practices a week
3. Purchase your own gear and keep all equipment in good shape
4. Work hard and play hard all the time
5. Follow Omaha Roller Derby Bylaws & Code of Conduct
6. Be part of Omaha’s fastest-growing sport and be a part of the best sport around!


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