March 9th, 2012 Post Game Wrap-up

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Mae Kit Rain came out strong and put the Omaha Rollergirls AAA on the board with 20 unanswered points in the first jam. The momentum continued as Rady Ruck and Skateaway Faye continued to score grand slams as their blockers held TriCity scoreless through the third jam with a score of 39 – 0. In the sixth jam, the game could have changed when Mae Kit Rain was sent to the box for misconduct when Omaha was already down one blocker. TriCity was unable to capitalize on the power jam as Terror Masseuse, Skateaway Faye, and Floozie Suzie still held their jammer scoreless. Leggy GaGa really opened up Omaha’s lead in the ninth jam with great blocking by Bohemian Bruisin Bombshell, Alice Undead and Apertorture and assists from Mae Kit Rain scoring 25 unanswered points bringing the score to 75 – 4. In the last jam of the period, Rady Ruck was sent to the penalty box for a major back block, but Lil Bit Nau T, Pinky the Insane and Apertorture were able to shut out the Tri City Jammer bringing the score to 90 – 6 at the end of the first period.


Omaha started the second period with their Jammer in the box, but Rady Ruck was able to sneak through the pack untouched as she was released and continued around for a grand slam. In the third jam Merciless Marie opened up a big hole for Skateaway Faye but both skaters were sent to the box causing a power jam for TriCity. Shirley DuPayne and Floozie Suzie were able to speed the pack up to keep the score down but TriCity’s Ivanna Shooter was able to rack up 9 points bringing the score to 95 – 19. Bohemian Bruisin Bombshell made her debut as a jammer and added 14 unanswered points to Omaha’s score with the help of her blockers. Mae Kit Rain chased down the TriCity jammer and recycled her to the back of the pack holding her scoreless. The Omaha lead continued to grow as Apertorture added another 14 points while Merciless Marie, Rady Ruck, Shirley Du Payne and Minerva S. Breakdown controlled the TriCity jammer. Rady Ruck finished the game for Omaha calling it off with a final score of 150 – 40.


After a big win by the AAA the Omaha Rollergirls All-Stars took the track hoping for the same. Ima Firestarter started Omaha off on the right foot with 3 quick points in the first jam. Sioux City was then held scoreless until PBR scored 4 points in the third jam bringing the score to 8 – 4. After that Anna Maniac, Ima Firestarter, Midlife Crashes and Eblastagirl pushed through tough walls set up Sioux City and continued to extend Omaha’s lead. Eblastagirl capitalized on a power jam in the 8th jam when Sioux City’s Anita Spur was sent to the box on a major cut track scoring 17 points. Omaha’s wall of blockers effectively held all the Sioux City jammers keeping them scoreless for 6 jams bringing the score to 38 – 4. Sioux City’s Sum Mo Payne pushed through Omaha’s wall to get lead jammer but Anna Maniac’s quick burst of speed allowed her to catch Mo and cause her to call off the jam without scoring any points. In jam 20 Eblastagirl was sent to the box with a major track cut allowing Sioux City’s Anita Spur to add 20 points lessening their deficit to 32 points. In the last jam of the first period Midlife Crashes and Sum Mo Payne battled through a rough 2 minute jam ending the period with a score 98 -50.


Ima Firestarter and Anna Maniac added a few quick points to the board in the beginning of the second half quickly followed by a power jam for Midlife crashes. Omaha was able to add another 11 unanswered points while Sioux City’s PBR was confined to the penalty box for her 4th minor. Eblastagirl was then sent to the box for a major cut but Sharon Misery, Daisy Mayhem, D’Naille Inya Coffin and Martian Manhater were able to control Sioux City’s jammer and only allow 2 points. Sioux City attempted to counter Omaha’s back wall but it just wasn’t solid enough to hold back Omaha’s stellar jammers. Anna Maniac was able to rack up another 15 points while her blockers Auntie Embolism, D’Naille Inya Coffin and Martian Manhater controlled Sioux City’s Jammer Dubbs, while Daisy Mayhem opened up a big hole on the inside for Anna Maniac to slip through the pack. Dubbs was sent to the box for a 4th minor at the end of the jam allowing Omaha to start the next jam as a power jam. Eblastagirl took the line an was able to add another 10 points to Omaha’s score as Ginny ddDa Beatin quickly sent Dubbs back to the box by forcing a major track cut. This brought the score to 154-62 and Omaha used this momentum and continued adding quick points to their score by capitalizing on their lead jam status. With less than a minute left Ima Firestarter took the line against Sioux City’s PBR and skated a hard fought 2 minute jam and added 3 final points before the time clock expired. The Omaha Rollergirls All-Stars remain undefeated with a final score of 184 – 75.


At the After Party MVP trophies were awarded for each team by their opponents. Leggy GaGa for Omaha and GailGonnaNailYa for TriCity received awards for the AAA game, and Omaha All-Star Axl Rouge and Sioux City’s PBR received the MVP awards for the All-Star game.

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