End of Season Check-in and Sioux City Derby Dames game on Saturday, November 5th

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Just when you were starting to think that the Omaha Roller Girls had gone into hibernation for the winter… The Omaha Rollergirls AAA Team will take on the Sioux City Roller Dames this Saturday, November 5th @ 7pm (doors open @ 6pm) at the South Ridge Golf Dome (618 W. 29th Street- in South Sioux City) Tickets are $8 in Advance or $10 at the door. Children under 12 FREE!

We checked in with Ginny daBeatin, the AAA captain for an end of season update, as well as a little preview to who and what you will be seeing at this Saturday’s game.

“AAA has not been in action since an early-July Bunker Bout against Ohio Roller Girls’ B-team. After our team’s second loss in a row by more than 150 points, you might think that our souls would be crushed into oblivion or that our love for the sport might be lost. I can assure you that this was not the case, and that I was actually encouraged by more than a few things. Transfer Auntie Embolism donned the red and black for the ORG for the first time and immediately demonstrated why she would be a valuable addition to the team. Her leadership on the track and hard-hitting style of play sparked more than a few cheers from her former teammates from KCRW who travelled to Omaha to watch their derby sister take to the rink without them for the first time in her career. Despite the score, the AAA team played intelligently, fought hard, and never gave up on each other, even managing to crack their share of jokes on the pivot line between jams, as derby girls are known to do.

As it stands now, most of the AAA team has been practicing and playing with both the AAA and all-stars teams this season. Axl Rogue, Bella Cose, Bobbie Backseat, Martian ManHater, and I have spent all season working out with and playing on both teams. Newly added to the all-star charter and looking to make a big impact next season for the ORG all-stars include blocker Merciless Marie and jammers Forbid N. Fruit and Chase Roundabout. Rookie Axl Rogue and mid-season transfer Auntie Embolism (also a member of both teams in the ORG) burst onto the all-star scene at the South Central Regionals, seeing significant time on the track. Both of these ladies have brought hard-hitting, heads-up play from the bench and a much-needed spark to aid a team that played only 9 or 10 skaters all season. Their contribution to the all-star team was invaluable, as is their leadership and skill on the AAA team.

What is the AAA tea’s only away game of the season, we take on Sioux City’s Derby Dames this Satursday in another tough match-up sure to challenge our mettle and skills. This roster will look a bit different than any that have been fielded by the AAA team this season due to injuries and attrition. Three all-star skaters stepped up to fill our ranks and give us a 14-man roster to play from: D’Naille Inya Coffin, Sharon Misery, and Midlife Crashes will don the old, familiar black jerseys of AAA to leave it all out on the track in the 2011 season. Seven skaters on the team will complete their first season with the ORG with the final whistle of this bout. Leggy Gaga, Kerri A. Knife, Axl Rogue, Forbid N. Fruit, and I bid the title of “rookie” a fair adieu as we move into the ranks of the league’s veteran skaters. Martian ManHater and Auntie Embolism have comfortably settled into their roles as veteran skaters in a new league. Fellow skaters Minerva S. Breakdown and Floozie Suzie also complete their rookie seasons and look to continue to make a positive impact on the league next season.

On a personal note: It has been toughing watching girls on the AAA and all-stars alike be lost to injury and other difficulties that pulled them away from the rink this year. Regardless, I can say with full confidence that in my 25 years of playing organized sports, I have never been prouder to be a member of a sport or organization than I am of being an Omaha Roller Girl. The glitz, glamour, camaraderie, athleticism, and intensity that first attracted me to the sport of roller derby have not let me down all season.”

AAA is really looking forward to taking on the Derby Dames and giving the last game of our 2011 season everything we got! Stay tuned for a complete season wrap-up for the ORG in December of this year, in preparation for our first game of the 2012 season on February 18th at the Mid-America Center.

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