Join us for Training Camp!

Posted by on March 19, 2019

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Classes held each Friday from 6-8pm. Email for more information. Don’t worry if you missed a night, you can jump in on any Friday night.

• WFTDA/USARS insurance coverage REQUIRED before skating.

• $30 a month, due at the 1st of each month: this gets you access to the Omaha Roller Derby practice space to work on footwork 3 nights/week, 2 or 3 off skate workouts during the week and 6pm-8pm Level 1-basic training practice on Fridays. 

• Soon we will have a Level 2 -basic training on Saturdays and a Level 3 on Sundays, this is to come.

(If you just want to do a drop-in skate on Friday nights during the Level 1- basic training it is $5 each time, but you must have gear and WFTDA/USARS insurance coverage. Basic Training is first priority, but coaching will do their best to include everyone in the drills and help out each individual according to their needs. If you just want to skate on your own and work on footwork that is ok as well, just make sure it does not interrupt the basic training. You do not have to pay the $5 if you are a ORD member with voting rights, ORD skater, Junior in session, paying basic training member or an ORD Official.)

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